It seems Cambridge Analytica were not the real villains afterall

by: Sayed Farah

So I finally received the email from Google that my AdSense account in fully approved and I got excited to see all those colorful ads running on my website. After all I spent long hours working on my website to make it look the best that I possibly can and I tweaked all the AdSense options and all is set.

Time to drive some traffic to the website and who do I turn to other than Facebook.

3 days have passed and my AdSense earnings are $0.00 and guess how much Facebook earned from my money?

Contacted the Facebook ads support after they charged me $4.01 for a page like!

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The support girl was not “supportive” at all. She scolded me for being upset. My mistake, I should be ecstatic that I was ripped off. And then they send you the “noReply” email bragging about how they helped you out. I want to reply and tell them that they suck!

does anybody read your replies to no-reply emails?

Then there’s that “Pixel” tool that they want to force you to install on your website.

I junked Facebook emails so I don’t see them anymore but now this “Pixel” ad is in my face everytime I check my Facebook timeline!

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Stop stalking me Facebook I shall not install your tool. I don’t trust you to have any access to my website. How do you allow yourself to collect info that WordPress hosts my site and use that info to annoy me with your emails and ads?

Cambridge Analytica was not the problem it seems.

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