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Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and the rest of the management,

  This is a complaint from a traumatized Facebook user who suffered and is still suffering from great emotional distress because of Facebook’s undisclosed policies and the attitude of Facebook employees.

  My name is Sayed Farah, a proud holder of the Jordanian 🇯🇴 nationality. I’m a well known engineer, politician, and activist in my country. I stopped a legistlation (the national building law bill) at the Parliament for 14 months and forced the change of the unconstitutional articles that would have given the government the right to become jury and executioners.

  If I were American, there would have been a Wikipedia page about me by now and maybe a documentary or two and I would have been mentioned in the news and hosted on major talk shows. But down here in my beloved country I’m the uncontrollable “reform villain” who stands with the people and nobody wants to give credit to. Well I’m an honest moderate reformer who says it as it is and shall never disguise the truth to get bounties. I’m also a good writer and published many articles about democracy, politics, human rights, equality and environmental issues to educate my country men and women about their rights. It is tiring enough to lead a life of swimming against the current.

  Several years ago I said to myself why not use the biggest social media network out there that claims to care about people and preach about equality and all kind of nice mottos about making a difference etc. to gain some influence and get a push in my mission to make a better future in the world my two daughters (4& 6 now) grow up to find and I decided to concentrate my efforts on Facebook. And what a bad decision it turned out to be!

  Frustrating obstacle after frustrating obstacle and when I’m lucky to get human help instead of computers, there it comes. The patronizing condescending attitude. I merged my page several times so what? Is it a crime that deserves a lifetime sentence? If the page didn’t have technical issues I wouldn’t have started a new one. I just want to merge the older one into the new one because your employees failed for weeks and weeks to resolve the technical issues. I spent a little fortune on the old page to get it to 40,000 likes and I don’t use it anymore. I’m not rich and I do not get tenders anymore because I oppose the mainstream and I’m not a two-faced hypocrite. Had to unpublish the old page as it keeps on “bleeding” followers nonstop.

  You wouldn’t believe some of the anwers I got on email and messenger from your employees. Or maybe you just do not care as long as the money keeps on coming. One guy sent an email that there’s nothing wrong with my page and usernames do not surface on mobile phones! (the username is my personal brand that I use everywhere). Later a guy from your Ireland office called me on the phone and said that they can’t fix the technical issues and they can blue badge verify my account as a compensation and he’ll send me an email. He never sent the email.

if you use up your Facebook “merging” lives the money you paid is gone!

  I tried in vain to get in touch with the guy but your other employees in Portugal and Ireland kept on kicking me around. A few days ago my account was closed and I got an email that I’m impersonating myself. I sent my ID and yesterday, 60 hours later, I got a message that it was “by mistake”. An hour later I received the bill that I owe Facebook $147 for advertisment fees and it’s in my face everytime I open the application.

Facebook does surface the username of all pages on mobiles, except for mine.. What an IRRESPONSIBLE REPLY!

  Case #10155587887841847 is still “opened” and I told them that I’m subjected to bullying / extortion but still no humans replying after a couple of days. Just the same automated provocative message with different names at the end each time. I really looked hard for the blue badge verification form that your employees keep on hiding in different places and managed to find it twice, once last November and once last week. In both times I got the same reply. So what does “public appearance” mean exactly? And how can I increase my public appearance and reapply in 30 days if the link to the form gets broken and there’s no new link? This last time the link got broken before I got the chance to send links to my blog, news about myself in newspapers etc. I contacted the media support and they emailed me a verification form link.

And guess what, the link your media operations team sent me is broken!

  I replied that the link is broken and sent them the links that prove my public appearance but still no reply. And they’re ignoring me ever since. Case #10155587188011847.

  One of your employees on messenger said that I have to sponsor my page with $10,000 per month for 3 straight months to be able to reach an “account manager” to verify my account! So Facebook warns about paying money for blue badges and offers them to the rich? Very frustrating to say the least!

  Definitely my lawyer will have a heart attack when he reads this. Oh well, go ahead and sue me. Maybe I’ll get the “public appearance” needed to verify myself on other social media networks and become heard. I don’t own a house, you can have my car in an out of court settlement and my shares in a struggling contracting company.

  Maybe your employees don’t give a damn about the people because you don’t give a damn about the people anymore. Mr. Zuckerberg, I read that you are planning to reach 5 billion users by 2030. To tell you the truth, I really hope that you fail to do so. I just can’t imagine what an ugly materialistic hypocritical world you’ll create!


Sayed Farah.

p.s. I’ll pay you the $147.70 asap!

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