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5 months transformation

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Me 5 months ago
Me 5 months ago

This is AK from MpOAK, your non-nerdy cool fitness oriented genuis.. welcome my MpOAKs.. multipurpose, strong minded, resilient oak trees. This is what we all have to be to live fulfilling lives and achieve our goals in todays world. I’ll teach you how to find your multipurposes and how to feel great and how to do it in style, the Jordanian way.

With all the conflicting advice out there I don’t blame you if you don’t know what’s “healthy” anymore and what and when to eat or what or when to feed your children.. hopefully this channel will sort out all the confusion surrounding diet, training and health for you. And the coolest thing is that you will do all your short workouts at home once every other day.

About my transformation, we had friends over from Switzerland, a couple and their kid, and they stayed at our house. A trip to the Dead sea was planned and I found myself making up excuses to not go and didn’t join them. You see, I was embaressed of the skinny fat person I’ve become especially I were in a top class men’s physique shape a few years before that and a national class athlete most of my life. Martial arts then basketball then track and field.

In June 2018 I decided to do something about it. Used my 29 years of fitness and athletic experience to develop a home training routine and a smart diet protocol that anyone can do. In the upcoming videos I’ll teach you exactly how to design a home training routine that suits your health status and your goals. The splits, workouts, and the number of sets.

And most importantly how to structure your home workout depending on you skeletal frame. It would be really stupid, and communist, to prescribe the same routine for everybody. If you’re a man or a woman with a wide pelvis, then why do workouts that stimulate further growth in your hips??

I’ll teach you how to know when you’re overtraining and how to know when you’re muscle glycogen is depleted and a carb refeed is in order. What exactly to eat on a refeed and how often to go for a cheat meal without guilt.

When to use keto and when not to. When and exactly how to intermittent fast and when and why to do an annual long fast. How to manage most skin conditions and keep them at bay to keep your skin clear, myself a sufferer of a condition called SD (seborrheic dermatitis) AND MpOAK being a funder of related research.

Managing your shopping list. The supplements you absolutely need and other supplements you shouldn’t waste your money on and some that you should avoid like fish oil. Yeah I know, big surprise.

Why not to “load” creatine and why NOT to take creatine everyday. The synergy between olive leaf extract and carnitine and how to substantially reduce the number of mature fat cells which increase naturally with age. Get rid of the ugly cellulite and lower abs blubber.

Fixing your chronic electrolyte deficiency which is the real cause of the brain fog and the lack of energy more and more people are suffering from. Fix things needed in grams before worrying yourself about something like “boron” that may or may not be needed in micrograms. Don’t let supplement con artists play on your hopelessness and despair. We’ll fix you up.

Why you should NEVER workout fasted (unless on your annual fast of course) and how to prepare the perfect pre and post workout meals and their timing. The post post workout meal (the most important one), what should it be and exactly how long after your home workout you should consume it.

Self talk. The most powerful mental que you should often say to yourself that is guaranteed to change you to the person you want to be, a person who efficiently gets things done as planned. I’ll also teach you mental ques and postural tips for every exercise to guarantee that every single rep hits the targeted muscle.

The one abs exercise to give you the perfect narrow 6 pack midsection that will be there waiting for you when you strip away the fat. No more planks, crunches, situps, twists or hanging leg raise monkey business that expand the waist.

The ultimate hack to get rid of stubborn fat and move from very lean to ripped without messing with your hormones.. AND staying there year round.

The 2 new shoulder exercises that I personally developed to give you the broad NBA player-like shoulders that are amazingly seperated from your pecs. Just add them to your routine.

Fitness chicks developing masculine jaws, slowly loosing the curves and the high waist and ending up looking like a cross dresser guy in fitness drag with added silicon implants and makeup. How to avoid that.

Just how stupid TRT is for men. Why most men should NEVER squat or deadlift. Why to never jog or run. How to avoid the chicken legs 9 months pregnant princess lower back syndrome we so often see with gym rats. A strong lower back is a subconscious message of power, confidence and dominance.

And so many more topics nobody talks about. All will be publicly available for free on this channel. Guys, we do not intend to scam you in any way OR sell you any supplements OR diet plans or training programs OR bogus downloadable ebook “cures” for any diseases or any of that BULLSHIT that other channels do.

If you have the will to change but you’re confused on how to do it then this is the channel you need to subscribe to. Click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell to know when we upload a new video and I promise to make each and every video worth your time.

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Do check out the description of the video below to know more about us and what we’re all about. Our multipurposes include supporting handmade accessories crafted by Down syndrome suffering children, promoting our beautiful country and a skin disorder research fund. Hopefully we can finally direct the top research labs to do what is required by designing the experiments ouselves instead of letting them keep on going round and round in circles with no practical applications for their nerdy experiments.

Be multipurpose, strong minded and resilient my MpOAK brothers and sisters. SALAM!