My name is Sayed Sabri George Farah (a.k.a. AJ) and I’m currently writing a new book to be titled “#975AJ .. Metabolic Override”. The book will be available on Amazon next summer.

 The information in the book will revolutionize the views on men’s health and is the next step in fitness and wellness evolution.

 The book is scheduled to come out next summer. Women will also find the book very enlightening as it sheds light on several modern health issues. Transformation tips, tricks and advice are applicable to both men and women. I’ll teach you exactly what and when to eat .. which supplements and when to take them to override your metabolic flaws and get an elite physique.

  My work and my message to the world must reach as much people as possible. I want to share &spread my wisdom and my knowledge to improve the lives of my fellow humans.

  The sad truth is that there are no equal opportunities and it is very hard for authors from 3rd world countries to get credit and recognition in the English speaking world or to get on TV talk shows and their work ends up being stolen by other authors, article writers and the “wise” bros on the forums. And unfortunately the message gets diluted and lost. That’s why I need your help to spread the word and to pre-market the book.

 My Patrons and contributors shall have their names and photos/logos in the book as the generous donors that made this effort see the light.
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Be MpOAked my brothers and sisters.
Sayed Farah.

*Do not forget to send your photo/logo and how you want your name/your company’s name to appear in the book by email or through telegram.

  In more details the book is about how my lifestyle change treated my type II diabetes and transformed me from a sick middle aged contractor/politician into a healthy men’s physique competitor.

  I was the ceo of SFI (Sabri Farah International), one of the oldest precast concrete manufacturers/contractors in the Middle East and an active high profile member of the engineering scientific community in my country. Until last December I was the secretary general of JCA (Jordan Concrete Association). I had run for the Christian’s minority seat for the capital Amman at the Jordanian Parliament in 2016 and for JEA (Jordan Engineers Association) presidency in 2018. Had to pull out from both elections and I talk about the reasons in the book.

  In May 2018 I was diagnosed with full blown metabolic syndrome insulin resistance. It was really devastating. I could have taken medication and went on with my political career and being a contractor and concrete expert. I’m a strong person but I guess the stress got to me. The stressor was the reality that there will be no change and all what I stood for was a lie. Decided to opt for a change of lifestyle instead of taking prescription medication. I do have a long fitness experience and since my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2005 I started researching and got enchanted by human physiology. I’ve read all the endocrinology and physiology medicine school textbooks I could get my hands on (my brother is a doctor) and started ordering more specialized textbooks. As a science oriented researcher myself it wasn’t difficult to critically analyze the information and conclusions in the textbooks by going back to the research groups’ experiments the textbooks are based upon. My dad passed away in 2007 but the passion for understanding the human physiology remained. To make a long story short, my book is packed with advice and conclusions based on pure scientific and medical facts forgotten in today’s mainstream written in a narrative easy to comprehend personal style. Hormonal optimization without using steroids and getting better results and much more.

  To make a point, I decided to compete in a Men’s Physique international competition and I’m being coached by Japan’s champion Yuki Sorci. Yuki is a famous public figure and owns EvoLife apparel operating from Japan. As I’m starting my own line, 975AJ, he and others are interested in producing apparel for me to join the fight against diabetes and support the cause. I got offers from Australia and the UK.

  Guys, my passions and my new lifestyle need your support. I need you to believe that the book will be a great success and that it will change the lives of thousands. I will do my best that it will.

  I’m going to do my part fully. My advocacy skills will impress you as I had enrolled in several specialized courses. This is a part of an interview with local TV magnet Deema Alam in 2016 explaining why I pulled out from the Parliamentary race.


Join the fight and support the cause!

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My multipurposes at 975AJ are: 

1- Encouraging others to become MpOAKed.

2- Promoting my beloved Jordan 🇯🇴

3- Supporting Jordanian children and teenagers suffering from Down Syndrome and their parents.

4- Supporting talented Jordanian artists and creators by publishing their works on my website and campaigning for them.

5- Funding diabetes, skin disorders and health related research. (more in the detailed description below).

6- Do my little part in making people healthy and the world a better place.

To fulfill my multipurposes I need funding which I look forward to get through: 

1- Your generous contributions on Patreon or directly through PayPal account.

2- My online shop on which I’ll sell simple accessories handmade by Jordanian Down Syndrome suffering children and teenagers. I do not make profit on these items, the happiness on the parents faces that their children are productive is priceless. I’ll also sell Jordanian cultural items and a few home training light gear& 975AJ apparel.

My Youtube Channel& Social Accounts: 

The main strategy shall revolve around social media on which I’ll upload motivational photos& videos from my everyday life to promote the book and my purposes. The main subject for the video productions and posts that I choose to MpOAK others is health& fitness. I’ll focus on training, nutrition, personal growth and related subjects.

Subscribers to my weekly newsletter shall recieve the script of each video production before it’s edited and uploaded on Youtube.

My Patrons on the other hand, and in addition to the added benefit of having their names and photos/logos in my book, shall have the option to connect with me through Discord to discuss productions in the making and to plan and decide my strategies. My Patrons shall be properly recognized at the end of each video production (if they choose to).

The works of Jordanian talented young expressive artists that I chooses to support, shall be promoted mainly through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. My patrons can request to be sent any artwork published by 975AJ without the watermark.

Cutting-edge Health &Fitness Tips 

One Healthy& Happy World

I got fed up with fanatics, all types of fanatics! The herbivores (vegan advocates), the carnivores, the “keto” advocates, the 6 meal per day advocates, the MUFA “healthy oils” advocates, the Ghandi-type “prolonged fasting” advocates and the “detoxification” con artists. Eveyone gives misleading advice to promote certain products/programs. So much confusion and our brothers and sisters don’t know how, when and what to eat or how, what or when to feed their kids anymore!

The worst of all is the materialism I encounter on Instagram. Vultures preying on the fame and wealth dreams of the fitness youths.



 975AJ does NOT sell any health supplements or training programs or “cures” for any disease. The health & fitness, nutritional & home training tips & information provided on the
YouTube channel and Instagram account are for the sole purpose of MpOAKing people and helping them figure out what’s best for them especially with all the conflicting advice out there with intermittent fasting, “keto” diets, gut health, fatty acid, protein, carbohydrate timing, types, and amounts needed, training methods and volumes etc.

975AJ might sell handmade items crafted by Jordanian children and teens suffering from Down Syndrome. 975AJ also plans to fund new cutting-edge research in diabetes, skin disorders namely seborrheic dermatitis and eczyma.

 can support me and contribute to the diabetes& skin disorders fund on:



or directly through PayPal


On social media I just want to create the best content, to motivate others, to morally support the lost souls and the less fortunate. I’m trying to create the very best and most informative content. I’m still setting up, working 18 hours on some days, and there’s nothing else in the world I would rather do. I’m enjoying every minute.  

I’m not about making profits, just focusing on educating people and on fundraising to support several causes especially children and teens suffering from Down syndrome, young Jordanian expressive artists and innovative research efforts in diabetes and dermatological disorders.

I do have an IQ of 181 and almost 30 years of fitness experience, was a prominent figure of the engineering &scientific communities in Jordan, and I was able to figure out some truths that needs to be spread. As a diagnosed (and “self-cured” type II diabetic and a sufferer from a skin disorder called “seborrheic dermatitis”, and with the ability to properly evaluate scientific literature and to design & direct out-of-the-box research expirements, I hope that the efforts shall be fruitful and millions can benefit. As an engineer, intellectual, writer, and a seasoned volunteer activist, the injustices of our reality and my views on the future of mankind are my driving force. You’ll be impressed by the photographic interpretations of the 4th industrial revolution and my vision of the future to be included in the book.

The calling and mission now is to help others achieve optimum health, progressive fitness goals the easiest way and to inspire them to find their purposes. In the book and on social media I shall debunk fitness and health myths the “gurus” keep on parroting while presenting and weighing pure scientific evidence. Help me make a difference. Take people off scary prescription chemicals and give them back their health and happiness.

For inquiries don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Drop us an
email or a message at our telegram channel.

Be MpOAKed and become MpOAKers!