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All the tricks to transform your physique in record time (WITHOUT anabolic steroids).

And yes you CAN add muscle mass and loose fat at the same time, and it works better the more gym experience you have and the more advanced you are. Heck it even works better for steroid users. Not my place to judge you based on your choices but I’m going to give you some pearls of wisdom nobody else will tell you which can literally save/extend your life.

All will be explained in details in my upcoming book. Be sure to get a copy. The book is full of new concepts that are going to change your life!

And I’ll get onstage in an international Men’s Physique competition next summer (at age 44) to put my feet where my mouth is!




was devastated when I was diagnosed with full-blown type 2 diabetes in May 2018. Decided not to take medication and instead to change my lifestyle. It worked so well and in under a year I became a Men’s Physique competitor. My story of how I did that shall be described in details in my upcoming book. Kindly support me through Patreon or directly through Paypal. All contributors, individuals or companies, shall be properly acknowledged. You can also show your support by making purchases from my online store. Thank you in advance for helping out in making my book see the light.


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